Novelty items are used by several businesses as gifts for their customers. They serve as branding tools and a means to build client relationships. At Executive Blue Inc. we offer a plethora of unique and creative novelty items that will set your company apart from your competition. Some of our novelty items include:

  • Balance Wine Bottle Holders
  • Blue Drumstick Pens
  • Christmas Spirit Shot Containers
  • Dollar Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Finger Tip Styluses
  • Fred Stack Doodle Block Crayons
  • Head Massagers
  • Crayon stylus
  • Key Chain Splitter
  • Indoor Mirror Wipers
  • Motorcycle Pizza Cutters
  • Ninja bandages

There are also many more items available.


Executive Blue Inc. specializes in Samsung HDTVs. Our experienced and friendly staff will help you choose the HDTV that is right for you based on viewing distance and optimal screen size. We also provide free TV mounts with paid installation services. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


We specialize in finding items with the best quality at the most affordable price.  We have relationships directly with computer hardware manufacturers, very well-known brands, and private organizations that sell custom built systems for customers that have unique needs.  No matter the complexity, size or type of demand, our very credible & knowledgeable team can take away the tedious legwork, handle the necessary due diligence, and deliver a very simple, solution based quote, based on your requirements.  Please remember that you receive our expertise, as well as the discounted wholesale price that we offer to all of our customers.


All of our clients are able to benefit for our creative and innovative design team with our custom furniture design package. We offer a free initial consultation with a member of our design team. This consultation will help our designer understand your vision and capture it in any furniture design. Once you have approved the design, it is sent to our manufacturers for creation. Finally, our experienced installers will bring the customized furniture to your home or business.

Lawn & Garden

If you’re looking for lawn care, look no further. We have a huge selection of push lawn mowers, including popular walk-behind mowers and self-propelled lawn mowers. And if you have a big yard with a lot of grass, we have just the riding lawn mower for you. Finish off the lawn with the precision of string trimmers or lawn edgers. And don’t forget the grass seeds. For the rest of your yard, we have all the landscaping tools you’ll need, such as hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, log splitters, lawn aerators, pressure washers and portable generators.

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